licensing for CLINICIANS

Easily Maximize your Patient Network Reach

With Ease's fast, secure, and easy-to-use platform for obtaining single or multi-state licenses.

Save time and money

You’ll save hours from searching for state requirements, fee structures, and email follow-ups. Autopilot your licensing process and save over 8 hours and $250 on each license. We’ll guide you through the essentials and handle the rest.

What's the Process?

Expand your network quickly through multi-state licensure and serve more patients. Avoid costly mistakes and save 8 to 10 hours per license. Streamlining the licensing process is our specialty, so you can focus on providing quality care.

Select Your Licensing State(s)

Complete a simple onboarding document and get a discounted quote.

Upload Documents

Our skilled in-house team will help you submit all requirements correctly and on-time.

Obtain State License(s)

Leave the rest to us! We'll continue to follow-up on your license verification until it has been issued by the state board.

Enter new markets at half the cost

For a limited time, Ease state license fees are $350 per state plus state licensing fees. Avoid costly filing costs by consolidating all licensing fees into one simple payment.

Expand your business at half the cost of large institutions.
Make quality healthcare more accessible.
Pass valuable savings to your patients.

Obtain your state license with
Ease Licensing

We’ll guide you through all of the necessary requirements for each state. With Ease Licensing, you can:

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    Streamline licensing in any state
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    Ease Community membership
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    Apply to multiple states
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    Store your licensing information in one secure place
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    Remove state by state application complexity
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    Stay up-to-date on all renewals

Grow your Practice with Ease

After you obtain your state license with Ease Licensing, there are operation challenges running a private practice that we help you overcome.

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    Business Formation
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    Accounting & Taxes
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Ready to obtain your state license?

Ready to obtain your
state license?

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

State licensing time varies based the number of requirements, resubmissions, and states. We make the process easy so you can obtain your state license as soon as possible.

What happens when you apply for a quote?

Based on the state requirements and the number of states you've selected, you'll receive a quote within 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

Application fees varies based on state. Total cost include state application fees and a $350 Ease filling fee per state. The filling fee deposit is required to start the application process.

Can you apply for multiple states?

We help you meet all the state board requirements for your multi-state application so you can submit it once and we'll handle the rest.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available within 30 days of the deposit date